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About Rezylana

Established and based in Singapore since 2005, REZYLANA LLP is a leading regional products wholesaler & distributor and services provider for both industrial and consumer goods. REZYLANA SDN. BHD. (1134105-K) was incorporated in Malaysia since 6 March 2015 for providing engineering services, skids electrical & instrumentation works, analytical systems integration and etc.

Branding & Strategy

We activate brands and turn them on. By connecting experienced intelligence with creative excellence, we help companies define their purpose and tell meaningful stories about how and why their products are relevant, both internally and externally.

We dig deep to reveal the distinctive qualities and advantages of our clients and then use these attributes to inform our creative work.

Grounded in research and strategic insights, we tap into what exactly distinguishes your brand and consistently find innovative ways to express your competitive advantage. 
Our consistent and strategic branding leads to a strong brand equity.

OEM Sourcing

We have been working in industrial equipments manufacturing and supply of raw materials for many years and have built up a solid network and garnered a wealth of experience.


With this background REZYLANA is well geared to offer product development and sourcing services, order follow-up and quality control services.


Our expertise in manufacturing, exporting and sourcing as well as product development and design have serviced clients from all around the world.

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Tel: +65-6565-7707

Fax: +65-6565-7717

7 Gul Link Singapore 629377

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