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ARCA ECOTROL® offers a wide range of innovative solutions designed to fulfil all your control tasks requirements. Whether housing, inner valve, valve seats, stem seals, actuators, or positioners, every detail benefits from the know-how of expert engineers with many years' experience in a wide range of applications.

The OPOS® interface is an innovative standard interface for the reliable and efficient connection of an intelligent positioner and a linear or part-turn pneumatic actuator. The benefits provided by the interface are: reduced mounting costs, reduced spare parts inventory, increased reliability and stability as well as the ability to safely replace the positioner during opera-tion by means of integrated interlocking. This also particularly applies to safety-related applications 

ARCAPRO® 827A A linear function between the input signal and stroke is the best way to ensure maximum control precision. Control valves with pneumatic actuators, however, are subject to friction, media pressure, and high flow forces, which means that this linearity is not intrinsic in the system. Only a positioner can eliminate positioning errors by comparing the input signal with the actual stroke and by yielding the actuating pressure for the actuator.

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